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Turner Tip – April

Lost & Found: Get Your Missing Mobile Back

Increase your chances of getting your BlackBerry, iPhone, or cell phone back. Replace your name with a trigger to encourage the finder to return your device.

For BlackBerry:

1. Options (wrench)

2. Owner

3. Input “Reward if Found” and a contact number (not the BB #)

Reset to “Reward If Found”

We’ve all done it; we get distracted and leave behind an important item. Losing your mobile office can be a severe blow. Increase your chances of recovering your lost BB, iPhone or cellular by encouraging the finder to contact you.

Program “Reward If Found” with a contact number. This could prompt someone too busy to be bothered to find you or someone tempted to keep it, to call and return it.

Select a phone number that’s NOT your BB number and one where you’re easily reached.

Have you set the lock? We recommend you do. Your data will be secure if you lose your device. CAUTION! Know your password. After 10 attempts (maximum) the data is automatically wiped.
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You Control Your Blackberry

Your BB is simply a phone and mini-computer. You have the power to manage it:

1. Adjust your mindset – you control your BB, not the other way around

2. Personalize your settings as outlined in previous Turner Tips©

3. Utilize BB’s full capabilities and avoid the most common pitfalls. Call us.

*Note: We refer to BlackBerry as it’s the most common business device. However, these principles also apply to iPhone, Palm Treo and other “smart phones”.

You’re the Boss of Your BlackBerry

On average, BlackBerry users waste 30 minutes a day fiddling with functions that have not been set to their advantage. BlackBerry’s default settings are counter-productive which also means counter-control.

BlackBerry comes with minimal basic instructions at best. The first time you play with your new gadget, excitement quickly dissolves into exasperation as you try in vain to navigate through all of the applications.

Messaging, Internet, Tasks, Notes, Calendar, Contacts, speed dial, instant signature, calculator—to name a few; how do you master these powerful functions?

You could call the manufacturing company of your phone and have your call re-routed through a call-centre. Or you could contact us directly and have one of our Efficiency Coaches assist you through a Tips & Tricks Session™.

Exploit BlackBerry’s Power. . .
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Manage the impression of your availability

Create an identical email signature on your Blackberry as in your Outlook. This allows you to telecommute without giving the impression that you’re available anytime and anyplace.

  1. Click on Options (the wrench icon)>Auto Text>Menu>New
  2. Input your initials
  3. When prompted to “replace with”, type your signature as it appears on your email from Outlook
  4. Double-check that it works by composing an email. In the body, type your initials and press the return key (bent arrow in bottom right of BB)
  5. Does it look the same as your Outlook signature?
  6. If not, correct it.

NOTE: “Sent from my BlackBerry” is controlled by your company’s IT department.

Do Not Fear Being Unavailable

With rapidly advancing technology, it’s become feasible to make our work mobile. We can work from home, from an offsite meeting, from the car or the coffee shop. But this can trap us into feeling the need to be plugged in at all times.

Unless you’re on the emergency response team, you don’t need to be “on” 24/7. When you’re always available, you set up an expectation that’s hard to live up to and hard to change.

Though you may work off-hours and off-site, it’s a good idea to restrict your availability. Set time parameters around when you are “in the office.” Appear “in the office” by matching your signatures between BB and Outlook.

Sending business emails and answering business calls within business hours sends a clear message that you’re available within specific hours (i.e., 8am-5pm).

Manage others’ expectations of you so you can work off-hours or odd hours anonymously.

Clearly define your availability
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Karen Turner – Turner Efficiency Coaching, Inc