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Dan Brownsberger
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@ Last

The humble asperand or @ sign is now a part of the architecture and design collection of the New York Museum of Modern Art.  The @ sign has many possible origins dating back to the medieval monks to a unit of measure in  16th century.  The Dutch call it the apenstaartje (monkey tail), the Chinese, little mouse.  The Russians, sobaka, (little dog)    Ray Tomlinson, a legend in the internet/computer circles, then used it to send messages between computers by separating the name from the address.

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A Digital Carpenter Needs the Right Tool

This Screen Ruler is a great tool that allows you to accurately measure anything on your screen. This is especially useful when measuring graphics, web page browser sizes or whatever. Screen Ruler can display Pixels, Inches, Picas or Centimeters.

Thanks to Cory for letting us know.

When Computer Hacking is OK

It’s now just part of digital life.  If your company has a network with a connection to the internet you can be hacked.  This happens in different ways and it can happen to you. Just look a few weeks ago in the Calgary Herald March 18th “Computer Virus Spurs Patient Privacy Scare” The Sunridge Medical Clinic staff first noticed performance issues in January.    The results of tests revealed a virus double whammy that resulted in records being accessed.   Introducing the Certified Ethical Hacker (C.E.H.)* or as Andrew Jackson of Next Digital prefers to call it is “Penetration Tester.”  A C.E.H. is a professional certification provided by the international Council of  E-Commerce Consultants (EC-Council.)

An ethical hacker is usually employed by an organization who trusts him to attempt to penetrate networks and/or computer systems, using the same methods as a hacker, for the purpose of finding and fixing computer security vulnerabilities.

  • Have you noticed a sudden decrease in the efficiencies in your computer?
  • Have you noticed a web sites or functions of your computer that aren’t common or can’t be fixed?

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Pimp my VoIP

How do you take advantage of this economic situation?  Work smarter and leverage technology and social networking.  The phones have always been the lifeblood for any business.  With unified communications (U.C.) you can leverage that investment in your VoIP phone system to gain market share and cut communication costs.

A simple definition of U.C. is the melding of several communication technologies into a single, simple to manage platform.  Smart businesses are using voice, text, video communications, e-mail, instant messaging, conference, calendars, tasks and collaborative work spaces to give them that advantage in the marketplace.

If your business relies on communications then you should be using the U.C. features such as in-house conferencing, presence indication” to avoid wasted calls, “Click-to-Connect” in documents, work groups and “Hot Desks”

For companies with branch offices in other cities or towns video conferencing has matured as a technology and now contributes to a large reduction in travel expenses.

Similarly, cellular bills often range around $100.00 per field user per month and can be much larger for international calls.  Use of secure VoIP can cut telephone toll costs by routing those calls over the corporate data network thereby bypassing the toll-based networks.

Power to the People – U.C. allows you to leverage the people on your team by increasing efficiencies & eliminating communication barriers.

Dan Brownsberger, Professional Services Manager

Next Digital Computer Network Solutions

What is a Network Evaluation and Why Would I Want one?

As many 10th Ave. View readers know, we at Next Digital offer free network evaluations.  We do this for businesses to give them a non-biased look into their network, computer and phone systems.  Our evaluation is a professional snapshot of your system compared to industry standards for businesses world wide.

Companies should get this evaluation to determine if their systems are at risk of failure or to consider  expansion options if they are thinking of growth.

We look at common risk points that could put your data and company at risk:

  • Overall System Quality and Health
  • Data Integrity (storage)
  • Wireless Network security
  • Data Back-up and Restoration
  • Virus Protection
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Power Failure or Brown out survival

The results of the evaluation are written up in a report form and reviewed with you to point out any immediate risk points that need to be addressed or “nice-to-have” items that would improve efficiency, speed and communications.

Any potential  changes can be made yourselves using your own internal technicians or we can assist  on a step-by-step approach.  There is no charge for our network evaluation and no obligations to use our company moving forward.  To discuss further  please call  Dan Brownsberger – 403-686-4357- ext 402