Turner Tip – April

Lost & Found: Get Your Missing Mobile Back

Increase your chances of getting your BlackBerry, iPhone, or cell phone back. Replace your name with a trigger to encourage the finder to return your device.

For BlackBerry:

1. Options (wrench)

2. Owner

3. Input “Reward if Found” and a contact number (not the BB #)

Reset to “Reward If Found”

We’ve all done it; we get distracted and leave behind an important item. Losing your mobile office can be a severe blow. Increase your chances of recovering your lost BB, iPhone or cellular by encouraging the finder to contact you.

Program “Reward If Found” with a contact number. This could prompt someone too busy to be bothered to find you or someone tempted to keep it, to call and return it.

Select a phone number that’s NOT your BB number and one where you’re easily reached.

Have you set the lock? We recommend you do. Your data will be secure if you lose your device. CAUTION! Know your password. After 10 attempts (maximum) the data is automatically wiped.
Save Time – Live Your Passion!

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