Avenue News

It looks like more changes are in store for 10th Ave. West of 14th Street as the city will be creating an intersection on 14th Street and 10th Ave to take the traffic pressure from 11th and 12th Avenue.  The City will also change 12th Avenue feeder as it will be restricted it to one lane from Crowchild/Bow trail.  This will take place some time this year.  As the development continues on the Sunalta LRT Station  parking will be changed to reflect the traffic flow and expect further restrictions.  The good news is that the LRT station at the North end of 16th Street on 10th is going to be a very nice looking complex with patterned cement and lots of trees.

Building on 10th

1. 16th Street SW – Sunalta LRT station – [PROGRESSING]

2. Midtown Condo complex [PROGRESSING], finishing end of 2011.  Two towers, East about 22 floors and the West tower about 27 floors, parking underground, a couple of floors of retail.

3. Condo Complex stalled out on the block between 8th & 9th Street.

4. Condo/Office Complex 201 – 10th Ave. SE The current plans are commercial on bottom, 7 floors of offices, and up to the 29th is condos.  This project was stalled but will be progressing shortly.


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